Sigma Kappa

Kappa Omega Chapter

Chapter Chairs

Chapter Chairs

Olivia Bowman

Continuing Membership

Major: Nursing Year of Study: 3rd

Caitlyn Cyron

Risk Management

Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management Year of Study: 3rd

Emily Heller


Major: Finance and Accounting Year of Study: 4th

Maggie Houle


Major: Health Science Year of Study: 4th

Natalie Iacovelli

Co-Op Outreach

Major: Business Administration/Accounting Year of Study: 4th

Sarah Lam


Major: Environmental Studies Year of Study: 4th

Juwon Lee

Public Relations

Major: Graphic Design Year of Study: 3rd

Dana Mascari

Sigma Kappa Triangle Correspondent

Major: Political Science and Communications Year of Study: 3rd

Megan O'Brien


Major: Journalism Year of Study: 5th

Katie Muldoon


Major: Computer Science Year of Study: 3rd

Katie Welch


Major: Computer Science and Computer Engineering Year of Study: 3rd