Letter from the Chapter

Upon arriving at Northeastern University in the fall of my freshman year, I had no intention of going through recruitment. Thus, I did not pursue formal recruitment in the fall of 2016, but rather, focused on settling in as a little freshman at a big university. Come spring, this had all changed. I found Sigma Kappa and made the decision to join this organization of strong, empowering women that would forever change my life. These women - my sisters – have since become my closest friends, my supporters, and my biggest inspirations. Little did I know that two short years later, I would have the honor of leading this passionate and ambitious group of women.


The sisters of Kappa Omega are what truly make this chapter great. Each year, these women provide countless hours of community service, dedicate time to various other organizations on campus, and demonstrate incredible leadership inside and outside of the chapter. Our four values – friendship, loyalty, service, and personal growth – are exemplified by these women every single day. I am so incredibly lucky to be a member this organization, both locally and nationally. I can confidently say that my fondest memories at Northeastern thus far all involve Sigma Kappa in some way!


The sisters of Kappa Omega look forward to meeting each one of you and wish you the best of luck with recruitment. I hope that you too can find a home in our Panhellenic community!


Sigma's Love and Mine,

Lianna Schuele

Kappa Omega President 2019