Letter from the Chapter

Throughout high school, I never pictured myself as a “sorority” girl. However, during the fall of my freshman year, I realized I wanted to find my own community in this big university. I decided to go through Formal Recruitment, which was the best decision I have made in college. After instantly connecting with Sigma Kappa, I now can’t imagine where my life would be without this incredible group of women. Through Sigma Kappa, I’ve not only met my best friends in the world, but also my roommates, sisters, and future bridesmaids. I never would have imagined I would have the honor of being President to all of these amazing women, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Sigma Kappa at Northeastern wouldn’t be what it is without the unbelievable women who encompass it. Not only are these women involved in our sorority holding leadership positions, participating in community service, and leading programs for our chapter, but they are also involved in other organizations on campus. This really demonstrates how well-rounded our chapter women are as a whole, and how our presence extends not only into the campus, but into the surrounding community. These women are some of my biggest inspirations that empower me in ways I never would’ve thought possible, but am eternally grateful for.

I can confidently say that joining Sigma Kappa has made a positive impact on the rest of my life, and that I will forever cherish the memories I have made with my sisters. The sisters of Sigma Kappa are looking forward to meeting every single one of you and wish you the best of luck with recruitment. We hope that you feel as at home with us that we still continue to feel.

Loyally in Sigma Kappa,

Ilana Birk

Kappa Omega President 2020